Dr Stefanie Badenhorst is the founding member of the Milton H Erickson Institute of Stellenbosch.
The other directors are: Andrew Lewis: DEd and Andries Olivier: MedPsych


  • DSM 5 ( 2 days)
  • Advanced Techniques with Childhood Trauma ( 2 days)
  • The role of Psychology in Forensic Work ( 3 days)
  • Sport Psychology (2 days)
  • Fundamental Ego State Therapy (3 days)
  • Advanced Ego State Therapy (3 days)
  • Fundamental Ericksonian Hypnosis & Psychotherapy (3 days)
  • Intermediate Ericksonian Hypnosis & Psychotherapy (3 days)
  • Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis & Psychotherapy (3 days)
  • Reversing Pain (1 day)

 - Courses can be repeated during the year, depending on demand.

 - Courses are held in the Stellenbosch area.

- Courses can also be presented at different areas, depending on demand.

All courses are accredited with CPD points ( 8/day) and participants are issued with certificates on completion of the courses. All days have to be attended to obtain the certificates.

All material presented on the courses are updated with the latest findings. Dr Badenhorst reads extensively, attends conferences (nationally & internationally) and participates in teleseminars.

Year program, course content and registration forms can be downloaded

Case Discussions are held for those who have completed at least one of the intermediary courses.

Courses Courses

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